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Why you must choose a private sector job?

There is a controversy between government and private sector jobs. Now the question is which one is better. Actually there is no straight forward answer, It’s mostly depends upon you. Here I am giving few advantages of doing a private sector job. Check if its suits your needs or not.

  1. Talent matters : In private sector jobs only talent and skills matter not your caste . It’s a good thing for good general caste students.
  2. No separate exam for experienced candidate: In govt sector entry exams are very competitive . Fresher has to sit for a entry exam for private jobs but when you got experienced you don’t need to give exam every time when you change a job.
  3. High salary: For good posts private sector provides much higher salary than public sector.


  1. Early promotions: You can get promotion in any time depending on your talent and work efficiency, but in govt sector there is certain time limits.


  1. Work in Foreign countries: If you work is an Multinational company, you may get a chance to work in foreign.

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